The Paranormal Spirit Finders have been investigating the paranormal since 2013 in many areas within Pennsylvania. Founded by head investigators, Jim & Donna Smith and Nolan Fry,  PSF have investigated private residences, restaurants, hotels, graveyards, old burial grounds, historical sites, and even an old quarry. Much of the team consists of  hobbyists, historians, spiritualists, psychics, and even skeptics, together they work on getting to the bottom of every experience.


We offer private investigations, free of charge. Paranormal Spirit Finders will come to your location and gather as much information and evidence, as possible. A full investigation includes the area and homes history when available. We will also present the evidence of our investigation and if there are any further actions that might need to be taken.


All our recordings are put on cds and any video
evidence will place on flash drives for the client.