Meet the Team

Core Team Members

Jim Smith

As co-founder of PSF Jim’s interest in the paranormal began after having his own experience that he attributed to his late Grandmother who liked to play tricks even after her passing.  As a paranormal investigator he enjoys unraveling the history and linking the past to the present of the locations he investigates. When he’s not out at a location or working full-time you will find him hunting down his second favorite pastime, Trains. Unless of course it is Halloween and he’s decorating his home or spending time with his family.

Donna Smith

Donna, Jim’s wife, grew up in a very old farmhouse where Her bedroom had an attic door in it, so you can imagine the uneasy sounds that was heard at all hours of the night with no explanation. Although, Donna didn’t want anything to do with ghosts or spirits, Jim had changed her mind by watching ghost hunting shows on TV. Then it became a challenge to find scientific evidence behind paranormal experiences as opposed to “ghost stories.” She is a graduate of Kutztown University and works full-time as a retail manager. Her loves are her husband and son, meeting her favorite authors,  quilting and crafting.

Nolan Fry

Co-founding member, Nolan has always been curious about all things strange, from UFOs and Bigfoot, to ghosts. What made him look further into the paranormal was after his grandfather passed, Nolan would smell cigarette smoke in his house even though no one in the house smoked. However, his grandfather did. A week later, a psychic had told Nolan’s wife that his grandfather wanted to tell him that he was in a happy place. Nolan enjoys playing baseball and was a pitcher for the Allentown Ambassadors. His loves are his wife and daughter, hunting, fishing, pyrotechnics displays  and spending time with family and friends.

Austin Smith

Austin is the youngest team member and Jim and Donna’s son.  Austin became interested in the paranormal through his parents and is now active in almost every investigation. His hobbies include trains and AMA hill climb events. Just like his dad he has always loved Halloween. He one day hopes to get a job with the railroad.

Joe Kramer

Joe is a retired correctional officer after 24 years from Monroe County Correctional facility in Stroudsburg, Pa. Joe was a Lieutenant in charge of Staff training and development, he also worked for Mack Trucks for 10 years on the assembly line. He graduated from Lincoln Tech, Philadelphia, Pa. as an automotive diesel technologist.  He also attended Lehigh University.  Joe has always been interested in the paranormal as well as anything strange, like UFOs, Bigfoot, Crop circles, Cattle mutilations, Aliens, anything supernatural. Joe’s loves are his wife of 40 years, his two children and his very first grandchild. He’s a local history buff and loves books about Bethlehem, the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

Associate Team Members

Meredith Ziegler

Meredith has always had an interest in expanding her world by learning about new things. She has always had a strong interest in spirituality and the paranormal world since the first time her Mother took her to Psychic as an early teenager. While she enjoys paranormal investigating, you will never see her in a Halloween Haunted House! That’s too scary! She enjoys gardening, playing pinochle with her “Card Club” girls and going on road trips with her husband. Meredith enjoys her work in Content Management for a local internet based business, but her true loves are her animals. She currently has a cat named Stella, a Bearded Dragon named Hercules and chickens.

Korie Urban

Korie’s strange experiences occurred at a young age, which had her researching into the world of the supernatural. Her hunger for knowledge and answers led her down a path of anything unexplained such as UFO phenomenon, past life regression, reincarnation, dream interpretation, and all things paranormal. She works for a local lumber company in NJ as the Inside Sales Support. She is a Certified Usui Reki II Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Teaches Wellness and Spiritual Classes. She is pursuing certification in other healing modalities. She loves taking family day trips with her boyfriend and son especially to historical sites. Her passions are antiquing, collecting ferns and leaves, reading & researching the power and meaning of crystals, alternative medicine and metaphysics.

Kristin & Gary

G-K2 Paranormal have been investigating the paranormal for 5+ years throughout Pennsylvania. They have assisted many local groups at some of the most haunted locations in PA.

Spiritual Advisors and Mediums

Claire Gilligan
Reverend Bea

Reverend Bea is an ordained intercultural minister, Master Teacher in many healing modalities.  After completing multiple religious initiations her elders presented her with the title of  ‘Muertera’ or Woman of the Dead. Keeping with this sacred mission, she continues to educate herself in Thanatology, or the scientific study of death including obtaining a certificate as a death doula and combining it with her life coaching certification to support PSF as the only trained paranormal ‘death coach’ on the east coast.   Together with her own near death experience, she believes her respect for the Spirit World helps to understand the needs of the Dead and open the lines of communication for meaningful investigations into paranormal activity. Reverend Bea has a Certification in Paranormal Investigation from the Warren Institute of Paranormal Studies.